The Hantek C only differs from the B model in the probes bundled with the scope. I have found that as a newbie to the scope world, it has been difficult to locate good comprehensive training sources. Can somebody provide some advice as to which model s may be suitable???? MacFadyen Replied by Andy. Bottom line is, any scope is better than no scope, but if you can afford it get a Pico.

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I bought the uScope master kit: I googled to see if there was any 1008 support for the Hantek B. The cost was twice that of a Uscope but I got a two channel scope and the famous Snap-On troubleshooter as well. Despite the fact that it cost me twice the price of a Uscope, it easily cost justified itself during this swap.

Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

I am a firm believer in: The following user s said Thank You: Never heard of them before so I started to research. My current low level of experience says that I only hantke a basic scope 2 channel and an assortment of leads.

I did find a tear down including some technical information about the C there:. Here is the initial display, with all eight channels active, displaying the 1kHz 2v p-p test signal supplied by the scope. As does anybody, I need a scope that is accurate.


It also comes with a good selection of probes and connectors which if you bought individually would almost equal the cost of the scope.

Thanks for the write up, nice job! I need a scope that shows an appropriate level of detail hmmm until I start playing I perhaps don’t even know what this is!

It had somewhat older firmware but since hanttek newest car is a the coverage was fine. The standard software is unusable but increasingly I haved notice DSO being sold on eBay with upgraded “Paul’s firmware”. It is a USB scope so is tied to using wth a Laptop or PC which might not be the easiest thing in a the paddock of a race track.

Hantek B Oscilloscope You can never have too much test equipment! Here are what I see as the most important. The screen is not as big but looks fine.

Just a thought on a different path Two more BNC connectors, signal generator output, USB and optional power connectors on the back — click on the image for a larger photo. After a couple of hours the sky is the limit.

Guide to Choosing a Scope on a Budget – ScannerDanner Forum – SCANNERDANNER

AESWave uScope training videos: Like most Chinese made scopes I have used the Windows software leaves a lot to 108b desired it is tedious to use but it has a menu that offers pre-sets for most automotive tests and Y scale settings for most automotive probes.


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I have run out of time I hangek add more on this topic in a few hours. The longer I used the scope and its software, the fewer glitches … go figure.

Hantek 1008b 8ch 2.4msa/s Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope Generator V7x4

I installed it on one of my small Atom based Acer Windows 7 Pro lab computers without any problem, however I think I need to find better Jantek drivers for the on-board hub. For a complete feature list, you can visit the manufacturers product pageand if you register, you can download the manual and software.

But the meat of the tool will always be there I believe. Hantek have some new more upmarket automotive models, the hardware looks better but the software interface is unchanged.


It will take me thru autos. I have a reasonable level of automotive electrical knowledge I designed and installed the wiring system for my race car but have had my eyes opened to the world of diagnostics by watching Paul’s excellent YouTube videos.

However you hanek need to spend a huge pile of money to get started.